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A healthy building supports distancing and sociability. Healthy buildings are safer, more productive and more profitable.

Dynamic social distancing simulation drives occupancy, operational and physical interventions.

How will your design for a new build or renovation promote interaction?

Our work on sociability in the built environment is in collaboration with Human Studio, a leader in evidence-based sociability.




Chris Wiesinger

David Clement

Michael Barnard


Asiri Alexander

  • CGA | Chief Financial Officer
  • Fiscal Strategy

Bernhard Riecke

  • PhD, Cognitive Science
  • Immersive Virtual Reality

Bruce Haden

  • B. Arch, B.E.S. Arch, Architecture
  • Urban Design

Martin Batten

  • Masters in Design
  • Marketing | Branding

Marty Pearce

  • Public Health Epidemiologist
  • Public Health Informatics Strategy

Patrick Saunders-Hastings

  • PhD, Public Health
  • Epidemic Modeling

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